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Burgh Island

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Burgh Island is one of those places that provides one with inspiration. Indeed Agatha Christie was sufficiently inspired when she stayed on the island to write, (amongst other works), one of her Hercule Poirot novels. And it is easy to see why she was so moved. There is also an Agatha Christie Festival in honour of the great writer. Burgh Island has also featured as the backdrop for several films and television series over the years

The enchanting Burgh Island as seen from the mainland from Bigbury-on-Sea

The enchanting Burgh Island as seen from the mainland from Bigbury-on-Sea

Tides govern life on Burgh Island

Burgh Island is a tiny tidal island set off the south Devon coast near Bigbury-on-Sea. The island has only a few buildings to speak of, including the renovated art deco Burgh Island hotel, the delightfully named, 14th century hostelry called the Pilchard Inn and a handful of other buildings. On the top of the island is a ruined building, probably the remains of an ancient chapel, or similar.

At high tide, Burgh Island is completely cut off from the mainland and is only accessible using the island’s Sea Tractor that sits majestically above the waves as it transports you to and from the mainland. The island is approximately 250 metres from the shore.

Walkers will find inspiration on Burgh Island as they explore the network of paths. The views out to sea are lovely, but the vista as one looks back to the shore is stunning.