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Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard holds untold secrets

A day out at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is simply not sufficient time to admire all that this attraction has to offer. It is debatable if the dockyard could be described as scenery and therefore deserving of a place on this web site, but in my opinion it most certainly does. After all, the dockyard has been part of Portsmouth’s fabric as home to the Navy for many centuries.

The imposing Victorian powerhouse, HMS Warrior 1860, is a must see, as is the unique Gallipoli Campaign survivor – HMS M.33.

The dockyard is also home to the Mary Rose, Henry VIII’s first love, which for the first time ever provides unrestricted views of the ship and life-sized projections of the crew.

But perhaps the jewel in the crown is HMS Victory, Nelson’s flagship and pride of the British fleet. If you miss the chance to tour the ship, you will have missed a great adventure.

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