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Guy’s Cliffe

The remains of romantic Guy’s Cliffe manor house [slideshow gallery_id=”21″]

Situated in an idyllic location, Guy’s Cliffe is a hamlet on the River Avon between Warwick and Old Milverton. This once majestic stately home fell into ruins towards the end of the last century.

The site of Guy’s Cliffe has been occupied since Saxon times. Its name is taken from the legendary Guy of Warwick, who legend suggests retired to a hermitage in this place. The original house dates from about 1751 and was started by Samuel Greatheed.

Guy’s Cliffe House was sold in 1947. The plans to convert it into a luxury hotel never came to fruition. In 1955 the house was purchased by Aldwyn Porter. By 1966 the roof had disintegrated. The house starred in an episode of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in 1992 and a fire scene got out of control and further damaged Guy’s Cliffe house.

Cave carvings found at Guy’s Cliffe

In recent years a series of cave carvings at Guy’s Cliffe house were discovered and are thought to be one of Britain’s most important black heritage finds. It is claimed that three carvings in the caves were made by slaves in the 18th Century.

Guy’s Cliffe has had a reputation for being haunted for many years. The unique combination of ruined building, cellars and caves, plus a Masonic Temple, are the perfect recipe for ghost hunting!