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Welford-on-Avon nestles on the banks of the River Avon [slideshow gallery_id=”25″]

Welford-on-Avon is a pretty, picturesque and well-kept, Warwickshire village bordered on three sides by the River Avon. The village is located just a few miles from Stratford-upon-Avon. With about 600 houses, the population of Welford-on-Avon is c.1,300 people.

Welford-on-Avon village centre in Warwickshire featuring the famous Maypole

Welford-on-Avon village centre in Warwickshire featuring the famous Maypole

The origins of Welford-on-Avon are ancient and pre date the Domesday Book in which the village was recorded. Whilst most of the timber framed cottages that can be seen in the village date from the 17th century. However the site of the Maypole is believed to date from the 14th century and part of Binton Bridges dates from the 13th century. The county was in Gloucestershire until boundary changes in 1931 saw it shift to Warwickshire.

The centre of Welford-on-Avon is a conservation area. Indeed the marshy area by Binton Bridges is home to a wide selection of wildlife.

Welford-on-Avon Maypole is famous

The annual Maypole dancing festival, performed by pupils from the Welford-on-Avon Primary School, is a wonderful spectacle and maintains a centuries old tradition. The original Maypole, one of the tallest in England, was made of wood, but following being struck by lightening, it was replaced by an aluminium pole.

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