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Worcester Cathedral

Worcester Cathedral is a beautiful structure [slideshow gallery_id=”29″]

Stunning Worcester Cathedral dominates the city skyline

Stunning Worcester Cathedral dominates the city skyline

Worcester Cathedral is described by some as one of England’s most architecturally interesting churches and is a gem of a building that was founded in 680. Saint Wulfstan began the present building when he started rebuilding in 1084.

Worcester was renowned as a centre of great learning that continued into the later middle ages. Surviving to this day are some of the medieval university text books and these can be viewed in the Worcester cathedral library.

Worcester cathedral badly damaged

It was Henry VIII who dissolved the monastery in 1540. Worcester cathedral was badly damaged in the civil wars. As a result, rebuilding was essential after the Restoration of Charles II.

Today the cathedral rises by the banks of the River Severn and dominates the city skyline. It is situated in the very heart of Worcester city and is worth a visit at any time of the year just to marvel at its history and superior architectural heritage.

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